Ariel Energy Engineering Sdn Bhd was established in the year April 2011 and it was continuous established in Singapore as Asia-Rand Pte Ltd and Asia-Rand Marine Pte Ltd in the year July 2013. AEESB / ASIA-RAND has a group of well experienced team organization with technical background in the Oil & Gas industries, Power Plants, Refinery, Chemical Plant and Gas Compressor and Engines. AEESB / ASIA-RAND crews are quality and safety orientated personnel. All projects are managed by experienced Project Management Teams who are fully trained to execute the work diligently and deliver the products as per specifications and within schedules.

Ariel Energy Engineering /  Asia-Rand has a talented and experience work unit or workforce to perform mechanical and electrical job task in any kind of circumstances. Mostly Ariel Energy Engineering /  Asia-Rand director and staff are well knowledge, educated, skillful, responsible and also resourceful in their earlier undertaking post and job. We are providing the services such as Gas compressor and engine service and maintenance, Metering Skid Packaging, Gas compressor and engine skid fabrication, Steel structure fabrication and erection, Piping fabrication and erection, Electrical and instrumentation installation and trouble shooting, Mechanical and rotating equipment installation and services, Thermal Insulation & Refractory Works, Rotating equipment alignments works, Trading of mechanical and electrical equipment and supply of man-powers.

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